Sunday, April 13, 2014

The New Parliament

"[I]n an instant Death jumped out of the cart."

"We spend our entire lives thinking about death. Without that project to divert us, I expect we would all be dreadfully bored."

"Thank you, my sock puppets; I’ll be curious to see who I am when you’re done."

Death has a page on Wikipedia
And plenty of sock-puppets of his own.
At last count, forty-five participants
Were busy working on the Death Project,
Putting up articles on coffin birth,
The medieval popes' Cadaver Synod,
Carbon monoxide poisoning, and Hel.
Even the "anniversaries of Death"
Has a section to itself. Paradox
And oxymoron run amok with this,

Obviously, from the observation
That dying stemmed first from speciation
Down to the anthropomorphic skeletons
Grinning, dancing, and gesticulating.
Poor Death, who lives defined as what he's not.
All the masked actors in the cart of dreams
Rehearse their lurid, parliamentary
Parts, but the robed, disintegrating pope
Is necessarily always absent.
Psst! Paradox exists because I don't.

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