Saturday, April 26, 2014


Press him to deal with his humanity,
How we coerce each other to compel
The flesh to keep breathing a few more years,
For which success we claim we saved a life.
He is cynical and he is aloof,
And he believes attitude insulates
Him from the normal humiliation
Of humble animal behaviors shared
With all the dullest humans ever were.
He must confront his commonness squarely.

Oh damn! Damn him! Damn us! Oh he's lost it again.
What was that memory, that memory
He had of him apart from us, apart
From the etymology of dado,
Much ado about die? You wouldn't think
A word could be so evasive for so long.
If you're going to get mad, maybe we
Should reconsider admitting members
To the new dictionary who are not
Pure of descent, pure of heart and argot.

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