Thursday, January 2, 2014

There's Always Another Fragmentary Perspective

But have you seen the way they order things
In this netherworld of yours? No, my lord,
I've seen no things you might term "ordered things."

I've seen the addicts, the lonely and bored.
I've seen the hungry, those you created.
Quiet! I knew you as a wild thing, gored
By desire and shameless to be sated!

Oh my lord, I was created to twin
Your madness with my own wild sanity.
Now that you're restored, how can I begin
To answer, deer-like, such inanity

As would ask me and blame me together
Why I sated myself on the heather...

No! You broke the rules! You broke the pattern!
I am the walled king! You screwed my slattern!

(Here the text breaks off. A century plus
Of dense archaeology's not enough.)

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