Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At Least I Can Try

No more big words, no more tricks,
No more dictionary head-scratchers,
At least not for a little while. I wasn't

Trying to be the cleverest boy, at least
Not all of the time. I do think time
Is all we have and everything we don't

Know. I do think poetry approaches
An eerie fact that nothing, actually,
Causes anything. I do feel confused.

I do want to map the black world
Of dreamless sleep, which is absurd,
Or at least see a true transcript of dreams.

I do adore putting poems together.
I've put them together in the bath,
In my head, in gas station parking lots,

In the wilderness, in bed. I do love
Strange words. I do distrust my self
And the moment and everything

With a narrative in it. But I can try
To compose in topics people might
Like and in a likable way. I can try

To put a few phrases together
That might be kind and embracing,
To savor, to be generous, to be better.

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