Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spy Milk

"the causality that distinguishes flames and waterfalls from organisms and ideas"
Toad bridges the gap. Hop, skip, and squaddle,
He squirms between the hedges of mistakes
Made by the hermit and evades the fish.

He does not exist. He's of no concern.
His outward shape expresses inner frames,
Bone senses of wonder and well-being.

He is what he isn't. His nature is
Incomplete, unintended, and perfect.
Keep him away from highways. Listen well.

He has a sharp, piercing call. It won't stop.
He's the most unmusical muse. He's not
Allegorical, but he's a close cousin.

Halfway between the catcher and the catch,
More ancient than either of them, he sees
Nothing you don't. Come back to him later.

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