Thursday, March 28, 2013

Between Meadowlarks

Clever little knot,
All shape and no rope,
Quietly waiting
Silence I live for,
Not really silent

But uncannily
Close to the vortex
Of actual change
While barely humming--
There it is. At last.

Ah. Eleleleu.
Eleleu. Alas.
Eleison.  Yes,
Mercy. Have mercy.
Sorrow and rejoice.

Another spring comes
To cattle and grass,
Fence posts, cottonwoods,
Rushes and ponds--
Honor and mercy,

Herald and angel
Of lengthening days,
Warmer, windier
Weather and the heat
To come in its turn,

Soon enough, but not
Yet. Later. Today,
Winter's denouement,
Unfolding as long
Whistling, nests and wings.

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