Friday, August 10, 2012

Complex Heuristics for Simple Choices

"It's good to be here." (Trademark.)
Here is time as well as space.
Time is always in motion.
Space is too, for that matter,
Neither without the other.
It's good to be in motion?
Trademarks make crappy koans.

Whatever here is, it is
Maybe not so good to drink
Trademarked maple-syrup beer,
Not even in Canada,
When one should be working hard
To salvage more afternoons
In Canada next summer.

There's the prettiest insect
Crawling over my textbook
Crammed with formulaic prose
And prosaic formulae
(No, really, utility
Theory has less poetry
Than law does) I'm sworn to teach.

A beer or two makes me ask
Not, how to teach this chapter,
But rather, how to figure
A bug whose life is like mine
In a poem whose life is not.
The beauty of poetry
Is that it explains nothing,

But the problem with trying
Hard at our tribe's most snobbish,
Minor, self-deprecating,
Non-remunerative art,
The literary lyric,
Is that the pronouns kill me
And no one knows who you are.

"It's good to be here." Ok.
By the middle of the day
Even lyric professors
Of Behavioral Econ,
Drinking beer, might grant us that.
But is it good to write this,
Right here, in motion, today?

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