Friday, October 28, 2011

A Fine Mundanity

The Colorado River's running red.
Thick ochre ichor clots its canyon bed.

Long sticky lines start running red.
Thick diction clogs a cracking head.

I take back what I said.
Say something else instead.

Day ends and pops back up again, undone
By cliffs still playing footsie with the sun.

I do my work. It comes undone.
I watch my daughter. Have some fun.

I take back what I've done.
There is no one in won.

Everything sociable gathers below:
Shadows, scribbles, in-laws, murders of crows.

The local pond's been drained so low,
Bellowing cattle come to blows.

I take back what I know.
Earth's the star of this show.

I'm overfed
On doubt and bread,

And what I've done
Can't be undone.

Sun set below
Dirt will not grow.

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