Monday, September 26, 2011

Grappling  with Meaning

"Any complete model of language will eventually have to grapple with meaning."

I lose in record time,
Thrown, Greco-Roman style,
Slapped flat back on the mat.

One more match with meaning
Ends up down, pinned to ground.
E.g,, what does "here" mean?

Just sitting here, eating
Local watermelon
On the porch, spitting seeds

Into the cracks between
The faded two-by-fours,
I don't know where I am.

I don't know when I am.
A Purcell chorus sings
From Sarah's computer,

Scored centuries ago,
Not now, in an England
That no longer obtains.

How many moments pile
Up in this one moment?
I'm lost. I'm losing track,

Or traction, or something.
The baby needs a nap.
The crickets contest hymns

Scored centuries ago.
I'm lost. I'm losing track.
I don't know when I am,

Slapped flat back on the mat
That no longer obtains,
One more match with meaning,

Or traction, or something
Spit through the cracks between
All the things "here" could mean.

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