Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just How Much

Should you care about your life?
It won't last; you can't keep it,
And the way that you'll lose it
Can't be promised in advance
(Nor matter to you once gone,
However dragged out the loss).
Is it what you do with it?

I suspect we only care
For what we do because
We think that what we do
Will fix or foul our universe,
While each of us has the hold
Of a whole world over which
No one holds the least control.

Relax a moment. Count breath.
Can you pause your beating heart?
Can you edit all your thoughts?
Can you order gods around,
Your own, anyone else's?
You will, must make a difference,
But you won't know what it was.

So just how much should you care,
Given you're in love with life,
Or in love with what's your own,
Or with a dream of changing 
Some other lives around yours?
Care as you can. Whatever
Can't be kept, can't be wasted.

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