Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just (a Place) as Well

A One . . .

A breeze stirs the baby green leaves
of a great grand cottonwood tree

so that the shadows dance
across the corrugated bark

and behind you the channeled creek
gurgles and whispers its newfound way

into the tiny, tiny reservoir
that serves this castled valley,

and you know, you admit
despite whatever fears you have,

you know that this right here,
this is good.

. . . And a Two

I suppose that more or less
every spot on earth is

equidistant from the center,
and granted that approximate fact,

there's no reason to prefer
one point as more exotic

than another, other than
human history and myth,

in which particulars this exotic
valley finds itself in short supply,

but what I wouldn't do,
mind you, entirely to be rid

of just that human history
and myth in all my selves

and in all of youse
as well.

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