Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rocking Sequoia to Sleep

The mind's not
bad, it's just
what it does,

it exists to compare
and contrast, to
imagine impossible

worlds and label
them Possible to
Probable. If the body

gets happy, the mind
can't resist skylarking,
and off it reels

into the nonexistent
or at least the nonpresent,
into schemes and fables,

dreams and rhymes,
and always, always,
to dances with trickster time.

That's just the mind.
It's not a present
sort of beast. Let

it be, even enjoy
it when it's cute,
but don't follow it far.

No it won't be
such a bad thing, kid,
your mind as it grows.

Just don't follow it
down too many holes,
and never make it your home.

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