Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Counterfictual Thinking

Language, according
to language, is
a notoriously pointy
combinatorial set,

so people argue, in
language on language,
over whether their words
point to the truth or only

to each other. The arguments
delight and continue because
they are the real wrong right
point about pointing

to the world's real, hit or miss.
Language never hits or misses
the world; it makes a new
world word-created,

a real unreal, not a map
into or out of our prison.
Language will contrariwise
itself, will paradox,

koan, aporia, castle
conundrums in air.
The world world is or is not.
The word world is not is.

Language can do what
it is as it isn't, which is
why it need never not
be Eden nor the flaming sword.

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