Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How you take me

by continuous surprise!

The more I know you,

the less I know what's next

for us, what sunrise

will reopen my half-hooded eyes,

what sunset we might

catch undressing on the rocks,

what plans will spin askew

and lurch us into something new,

what suggestion gone awry

will prove our fates more sly

than any fox confessor

we might choose to listen to

to further our adventures

when the starlight glistens

over yet another place

I never dreamed of dreaming,

one more amazing grace

of dimpled magic gleaming

better than the hoped for

thing we somehow missed,

each minor mourning turned to morning,

each dark mist lit by unexpected bliss,

and where did you come

from anyway and why

did you pick me to love

and how do you manage

to always turn the devilish twisting

of the endless human wishing

that haunts our hungry minds

into something near divine?

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