Monday, December 18, 2023

You Need Another Poem

Like you need a hole in the head,
And honestly, that’s what you want,

Not in the self-inflicted sense,
Not the bullet-hole, bolt-gun sense,

Not in the sense of emptiness,
But in the sense of opening.

You need an inner opening
Within your too-familiar thoughts,

Not a wormhole, not a black hole,
Not another problem to solve,

Not a combination safe’s stashed
Clues to unlock your escape room

So you can get back to normal,
Whatever normal means to you—

A portal. You need a portal
Not too difficult to ease through

To a world that frankly isn’t
One you know how to inhabit,

One where the words work differently,
Like dragonfly robot angels

Communicating in mid air
About morals only they share,

Values you find unsettle you
In the weird clicking of their wings.

You need another poem that needs
A poem like a hole in the head.

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