Saturday, November 25, 2023

You Like That

How long, exactly,
Can likenesses last?
Will something seem like
The early cosmos
When the universe
At last collapses?

Maybe the through-line
Of all existence
Is nothing much but,
Nothing other than,
The extension of

Open with a bang,
Bang all the way through,
Exploding in bangs,
Collapsing in bangs
Star bangs and black bangs,
And bang at the end,

Universe over,
Likenesses never.
Don’t worry. Whimpers
Have their likenesses.
There will be whimpers
If everything ends

And likenesses don’t.
Maybe likenesses
Will chase likenesses,
Have chased likenesses,
Must chase likenesses,
Waves of likenesses,

As though nothing could
Ever be other
Than outside of what
Remains nothing much
But verses like more
Verses forever.

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