Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Hummingbird Galaxy

As usual, the huge
You’ll never encounter,
Never experience,

Looks like the small to you—
The familiar, the shape
You know outside your door.

If narrative makes sense
Of the world for humans—
Makes it social, moral—

Metaphor makes it small
Enough, more portable,
Caressable, tactile.

Metaphor lassos clouds,
Planets, stars, galaxies,
As if you could pull them

Close. Hold them in your arms.
Dark matter and black holes
Build cornucopias

You paw through in your thoughts,
Savoring the riches
Of what you’ll never touch.

You started this with gods,
Ancestors everywhere,
Spirit animals, sprites,

All your little creatures
Deep, dark night resembled,
As if night could be held.

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