Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Name on the Title Page

If you like what you’re reading,
Whether browsing or scrolling,
You’ll flip over or scroll up

For the name of the author,
Since you assume that person
Is the source of what you like.

Ideally, you want to like
That person as well, maybe
Someone who resembles you

Or someone admirable
In some way or another,
So that you can take some pride

In liking what you’re reading.
The name on the title page,
However, is just a name,

And the person, the body
Being interviewed about
Being the person who writes

These things that you like reading
Shouldn’t take so much credit,
Shouldn’t suffer so much blame.

There’s a vast, multiple mind
Broader than oceans, deeper
Than the earliest writing

That hums in all you polyps,
And it has no single name,
But it owns that title page.

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