Tuesday, April 11, 2023

On to the Next

Repetition, soul of symmetry,
Aesthetic of so much carpentry,
Such as these three supports, three boards each,

Jigsaw cut, assembled, and painted
Near perfectly identically,
Nine pieces of wood cantilevered

To bear a projecting countertop.
So ordinary. A repeated pattern
In every kitchen in this building.

It’s suggestive of segmentation,
One of life’s favorite strategies,
Something you don’t see in galaxies,

But it’s not quite that. The segmented
Tree, the segmented caterpillars
That eat through its repetitive leaves,

They segment by growth, from inside out,
By the timing of development.
These repetitive pieces of wood

Were cut to a plan for a function,
And the symmetry is to look good,
Or good enough for these apartments

Thrown together by an investor,
Builder, and teams of subcontractors.
Maybe even the practical arts

Imitate life. Maybe life, which makes
All the arts, takes its cues from itself.
Nine boards, three spandrels, another shelf.

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