Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Go On

News: another novel virus
Has now reached jackrabbits as well.

Should the jackrabbits be worried?
Every jackrabbit for itself.

Viruses rarely extirpate
Entire species, while species can

Create havoc for each other,
All part of life’s great unplanned plan.

Our own, ultra-generalist,
Uniquely havoc-prone species

Universally infected
With foaming-at-the-mouth disease

Has extirpated so many
Other ways of carrying on

We’re prone to looking around us
To ask, Where has everyone gone?

A terrible outbreak, we are.
But will culture kill everything?

I’m not even sure we can kill
All our selves. Living likes living,

I say when I pass jackrabbits
On these desert waysides at dawn.

They swerve, and I swerve in my car.
Not too sick, yet? Good luck! Go on!

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