Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A Mock Departure

You have not previously
Seen the world. You have ambled,
Sampled, eaten, resisted,

Complained, protested, escaped
(Well, you did try), and scraped by.
You have not seen. You have looked.

Our views are not similar
Because we are close; we’re close
Thanks to our similar views.

Sufficiently simple views
Are more likely similar,
And to a greater degree,

Which leads to spooky action
At a distance, the reason
Simple things coordinate

So well, so non-locally,
While gorgeous complexities
Move next to no one next door.

What Leibniz called, “perfection,”
And Lee Smolin terms, “action,”
We could also name, “absence,”

Absence of high entropy.
We’ll get high eventually,
A soupy, self-same cosmos,

But pure similarity,
The universal fiction
Of space, nothing happening,

Will take time. Meanwhile, we tick
Around our cyclical lives
Of less and less difference,

Converging in perspective,
Getting closer as we go,
Treading on each other’s toes.

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