Friday, October 11, 2019

c ∋ s∧t, c ∉ s∧t

The spacetime continuum is contained
Within the set of change, identical
To the set of all differences, ever.

Space and time are peculiar heuristics
For the myriad ways of differing,
Recombined when viewed as continuum.

That continuum is not exhaustive
Of the set of all change, identical
To the set of all differences. Nothing

Alone contains the set of differences,
Identical to the set of all change.
Once again: space and time are special kinds,

Partial sets within the set of all change,
Incomplete, peculiarly defined,
Separately or as a continuum.

The unknown and undefined differences
Outside of the spacetime continuum
May combine gravity and the quantum,

But if they do or do not, they remain
Changes beyond our spacetime as defined.
We might want to look into finding them.

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