Monday, April 25, 2016

Two Places

There are no places, only changes,
And change is temporal, but,

Between the changes, where and when
There are only more and more changes,

One could sense agglomerations,
Galactic centers, black holes, whatever,

A great concentration of changes
That changed the general atmosphere

Of mostly lesser, gentler changes,
And in one lesser, one declining change,

The almost pause between two such
Massive counterweights of plunging,

Pendular differences, time's chaotic
Rush against its periodical self, I

Felt my faint byproduct soul arising,
Lifted into the distance, a wanderer,

What I had always wanted to be,
Liminal being in a moonlit forest

To which nothing like me could belong,
Awaited by no one and in no danger,

Suspended by the immaculate tension
Between the spider web and the stars.

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