Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mr. Jeffreys, I've Finally Caught You

Your father, in his forever

Used to love to tell the story:
Stock drag-

Racing on the back roads of New

Hot-rod besotted, rebellious,

Roaring his mother's Cadillac

Geared with a "hydromatic" shift,

Hand controls he'd machined himself,
He won

Often enough to be a ghost,

To the cops, the crippled wonder
Who dragged

Illegally and beat the boys
Who smoked

In pompadours and got their girls

And from time to time went to jail.
One night

On a wet, unlit straightaway

He saw the twirling candy lights
And lost

His license for a good long while.

Jeffreys," growled the cop (he relished
This part),

"I finally caught you!" Then he laughed,
Your dad.

Well, well. All stories continue
To end

And end so they can continue.
Caught you.

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