Monday, January 18, 2016


I set the alarms for tomorrow morning.
I set the timer for thirty minutes.
I read a science article on the olm.
I set the dial on selfhood to somewhere
Between solipsism and life goes on.
I decline to borrow trouble from the future,
Which I know, whether life goes on or not,
Holds more trouble than my fragile
Awareness of a compound, confabulated
Identity entirely my own yet none can bear.
This is all very quiet and peaceful
And I'm very glad I'm here.

The human fish, as the locals know
Me, is the top predator in a lightless world,
Although it moves rarely and never grows up
Despite growing improbably old. Eyes
Are unnecessary here, vestigial cells
That keep the head from having holes,
Perceiving nothing anymore.
I am quiet. I eat blind, songless crickets
When I can. I am difficult to find
And easier to know by my traces
Of an inheritance becalmed in me.
I am not a baby dragon, but I have been.

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