Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nature, What Is Not

"Whence came that uncanny
Guest?" asked Nietzsche. The man
Called philosopher king,
With whose name kids teased me
As a kid, answered him,
Millennia ahead

Of time, "It will all be
The same." Speaking of which,
When I was at Princeton
A teacher tried to teach
Us Latinate grammar
Rules with an anecdote

About a Jersey kid
Who was lost on campus
And asked, "Where's the gym at?"
"At Princeton, we don't end
Any sentences with
Prepositions," replied

The Princeton man. "Ok,
Where's the gym at, asshole?"
We were supposed to laugh.
At the U Montana,
Loyal two-time dropout
Princetonian teaching

My first ill-gotten class,
I changed the college name
To Harvard, but I kept
The rest and got a laugh.
"Whence came that uncanny
Guest," gorgeous Gorgias?

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