Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Odyssean Companion

"At this point he no longer knew what animal he was, dog or frog; perhaps a hairy toad, an amphibious quadruped, a centaur of the seas, a male siren." ~Eco

A man overboard between
Shipwreck and the broken beach
Tries to keep focused on what

Can be seen, what he forgot
Was important once begun.
His shoulders are in the sun,

His legs dangle behind him.
His hands grab the waves. He swims.
All that there is left to think

Is whether and when to sink.
Everything courses around
Mind dreaming only of ground.

All his life on land he slept
Hard, the better to forget
That the sinking comes before

The depths. While we are, there's more
To be. No one can sink first
Before encountering worse.

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