Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Friendliness Between the Objects

Here is your flesh, a thought.
Here are your possessions, thoughts.

Here is your you, an inherited thought much modified
But not as much as you might think, a thought.

Here are various objects and bodies arising,
Moving about your thoughts about flesh

And possession, about your you
And your inheritance, all of them

Also thoughts. Long ago, you started
With a metaphor of you as a theater

For thoughts. Here you are thinking
Eleven hundred turns around the invisible

Untouchable thought that this is the axis
Of all your thoughts about this world

Later. Another thought, then, for another turn,
For the turn of a year, unspooled

Like an archaic technology that was cool
Before you were so many thoughts

About you: introduce your thoughts of objects
To each other as equals, let them be friends,

Equals at the round table of you
In their quest for the grail, all

Questing within the grail, even the cup
Itself questing, skull cap to another thought,

Another night, another equal,
No more significant than that plastic

Thought of a cup on a desk
Shining in late last November's

Pre-thanksgiving light of trembling.
Equal love radiating, touching

And reflecting in all, returning
From all directions comes, beatitude.

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