Sunday, January 20, 2013

Over the Starlit Credenza

"Something Virgilian emanates from it: an apprehension of suffering to come, but set aside for one beautiful night."

How long do we have to be,
To be happy with these lights
Nothing more than stars to us?

By what should we measure time
When distance is all we can
See to measure by our lights?

Oh, god my god, stop asking
So many questions of me,
A man, and hardly a man

At that. What can I tell you
In response that you don't know,
If you could ask the question?

I'm happy here, or could be
If you could only let me
Be without a dialogue

Rolling our thoughts like marbles
In the amphitheater
Of my black and quiet mind.

It's perfect to be this now,
When the sweetness has no teeth.
I am content. I could sleep.

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