Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Almost Poem

For Gary & Deej, in two voices . . . 

I know I can't be
The one good thing
Personal to each
Anguished identity,

Much less comforting
To those who need
Someone exemplary
Of their own to feel

Less alone. I'm not
Of almost anyone's
Own, and disownably
Non-exemplary. But

I want you to know,
If you care to know so,
That if you stink,
If you're unkind,

Or supposed so,
If you're the last creature
Your neighbors would want
To admit as their own,

For whatever reasons
Your particular age
Finds despicable,
I love you. I may

Be wholly afraid
Of your violence,
If violence defines you,
But I love you, anyways,

And I wish you well
And hope and comfort
From the welling-up depths
Of this almost poem.

(Although, I feel
Compelled to add
As postscript: screw you
If you think I'm sentimental.)

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