Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Best Slogans Are Coined by the Wickedest Minds

Parts of me I have nothing to do with,
That I cannot possess, rush forward
To offer me their thoughts on who I am,
And what I should be doing,
And what is happening to us.

Their magic is in themselves
And not in what their selves describe
So terribly incorrectly, like the bees
In the fading lavender, the bees
Returning with waggle dances.

They can't help themselves. They do
Amazing things to help the hive,
Fly through twilight thrown by trees,
Discover siren sources of nectar,
Die defending, die trying.

But their buzzing makes me sleepy,
Makes me think I am not them,
Makes me want to ignore advice,
To let the sun slide, to drink
What's left of what
They've gathered inside, inside, inside.

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