Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Large Basin of Attraction

This is my life. It won't last. I live
In an instantaneous universe
Where everything is always waiting.

The feeling isn't universal, but
One has to follow anthropologists
Into remote parts of the world

To find exceptions, and nuanced
Exceptions at that. No species
With less diversity has ever been

More in love with its own rumors
Of its own exceptional diversity.
We're boring, but we won't admit it.

We are boring because we aren't
Instantaneous. Our little evolved
Trick is to think of one dimension

Of space as pliable and call it time.
It's clever, at least from our clotted
Perspectives, but not terribly fun.

The subgame-perfect equilibrium
Is unfair, yes. But beautiful.
There is space, endless and eternal.

And then, in our monkey minds,
There is time, in one direction,
Maybe two, full of what we can't find.

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