Monday, April 23, 2012

Location, Location, Location

What does it matter
Which speck of this speck
I'm sitting on when there's
That out there, not
Only the stars, not
Hardly, but all the vaster
Incomprehensible distance
Between them? Why wonder
About the most exotic
Spot to live on earth?
Might as well agonize
Over which side of a crumb
Would be better to butter.
Might as well advise
A retrovirus on the best
Part of a parasitic bacterium
In the last drop of pond water
In a long-neglected petri dish
To parasitize. The difference
Can only matter to life
And its ridiculous descendants,
Which will not outlast this,
Our hungry little planet,
Our whole history, whole
Prehistory, all of life
We know exists at all,
All the only way life exists,
Our speck of dust,
Too small and dark
To reflect much borrowed light
Even far as the nearest star.

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