Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mind, Body, and Papa

Big windy day in the valley,
The Ides of March are hard upon us,
And everything and nothing
Hang in the balance, as always.

The body wishes to complain,
To enumerate aches and pains,
To worry about its demise
Or at least why it's not sleeping well.

The candle flame in the brain
Wants peace and quiet, wants
To observe without distractions
The windy day around it.

Neither can have what either
One wants. So they get
What they did not ask for,
Including better than deserved.

By late afternoon, the body
Hurts even more than before,
The candle flame gutters, confused
By the demands of the hour.

But the day itself has turned
Oddly marvelous,
The wind more amusing,
The warmth more supportive.

The body convinces the mind
To look beyond the body
At least as far as family,
And as a reward, both get to see

Sequoia teaching herself
To sip water from a straw
After much trial and error
Near sunset, in awe.

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