Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Is Freedom and Freedom Is Free

Everyone's got a slogan,
And everyone's brother's too busy
Making up a batch more.

Even the paltry poets coin
Their catch phrases, coy and sly,
In the pages of rare magazines,

And theology students
At mostly Mormon universities
Debate advantages of religious branding.

If it's not a slogan,
Then it's an acronym
Or an abbreviation someone's selling,

Sometimes a mere misspelling,
A copyrightable neologism,
Short on the neo, long on the gism.

Well, I can play, too,
Mock it and mimic it hopefully,
Sign all my emails with vague tag lines.

"Every day is strange in its own way."
"Today is the tomorrow scared you yesterday."
"It all goes away but the going away."

"Everything is nothing and nothing is everything."
"Life is a force that feeds on its forms."
"Now is the time for no time." Believe me.

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