Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leave Me the World to Bustle In

"he is not capable of bustling, he hobbles.... he casts away his cane and immediately lurches forward, falling flat on his face"

"bustle (1) 'be active,'mid-14c., frequentative of M.E.,bresten 'to rush, break, from O.E. bersten (see burst)"

Insert your own personal anecdote
Of physical disability here. (Yes,
Norm, a story of a friend or relative
Will do.) One: was King Richard

The Third a moral villain because
Of his physical defect? Or, was
He a defect because of his twisted
Soul? Two: was the young William

Shakespeare an astute toady 
Of the Tudor monarchy, casting
An hereditary enemy of Elizabeth
As a monstrous, hump-backed

Toad? Or, was he an artist trapped
In a nascent police state, wriggling
His way to free, remunerative
Expression on the hillocky back

Of his Plantagenet marionette?
Three, does it matter whether real
King Richard was able-bodied and
Or good, albeit ill-served by history?

Four: answer every possible,
Previous question in both 
The affirmative and negative, as
You wish. Leave me the world.

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