Thursday, November 17, 2011

Human Communication

"Everyone knows the rules,
And no one gives a shit,"
Remarks a Navy Seal
I know who's Buddhist now,
Eats donuts for breakfast,
Burns incense at his desk.

We're chatting about pain,
After someone else joked
In an elevator
That pain is never good
Except after feeling
No sensation at all.

"They told me it was good
When I was bleeding out.
It meant I wasn't dead.
But I didn't buy it."
No, me neither. Better
To feel good and be dead.

Not that that's possible,
We suppose, but morphine
By the bucket comes close.
"When we know they're dying,
And they know they're dying,
Screw the rules. Go in peace."

Frosted donuts in hand
He heads to his office,
Returns with a present
For me to share with him,
Rich, bitter dark chocolate
He eats with his donuts.

I try a couple bites,
Shuffle to my own desk,
Rearrange books and files,
Read news, Tomasello,
Meet students. It's Wednesday.
My bones ache. I'm alive.

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