Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Unbeliever Revisited

Snow falls outside my window

hard as diamonds to destroy.

This world is too delicate,

too hard on itself,

everything is breaking

on everything else, into

everything else. Nothing

isn't always crumbling

Risibly ancient mountains

serve up melting wrecks

of dissolving ruptures

carving up the winds.

The softest beats

the hardest core to pulpy

jagged martyred mush,

breaking down in breaking up,

one universal whirl

of rock, paper, scissors,

and, speaking of scissors,

not a moment's cut so fine

that smaller fractures

aren't continuously shifting

within each micro-moment.

The never-ending endingness!

How can awareness ever

be attached, be one

of any compound crystal

shambles twirling down?

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